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A model who got death threats for comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe recently shocked her family by starting a new job at Babestation. Leylah Linda, who starred in Ex on the Beach, joined the phone sex company earlier this month and even vowed to become the face of it.


The outspoken 25-year-old, from Hastings, hopes it will lead to financial freedom. And she spoke to the Daily Star about the reality of her racy new position.


She now has 15 shifts in the bank – including night hours where the most randy blokes across the UK dial up to be entertained.


“The night shifts I have found easy,” she said. “I’m a night person anyway so working through the night I love. I feel like that’s the best time I shine and perform to my highest standard – I’m a superstar.”


However, as for the hardest part, she added: “The only thing I would say that has been most challenging is being so sexualised constantly.


“So being in the industry and then having to go back to normality after a shift. I do find this hard because of the work I do. But I do know I’m doing it to improve my life and become financially free for myself and loved ones around me.”


Babestation first aired on Sky TV in 2002 and has attracted some eye-catching callers over the years – from a wig wearing Arsenal star to famous politicians. But not all the clients seek dirty conversation and this is something Leylah has already experienced during her first month.


“There is one guy that calls me and literally just calls me for a chat,” she explained. “I do get guys who just call to see how my day is and I have been told that my voice is very relaxing and it is like therapy for them.”


Despite the challenges of being sexualised throughout the night, Leylah, who has been likened to Marilyn Monroe since she was 15, is feeling more empowered and body confident than ever.


She said: “I’ve really enjoyed it so far and I love the atmosphere. It has given me even more confidence than what I had before. “I feel it is empowering doing this job and being paid to be beautiful and I would encourage women to be more confident in their bodies and do what they want to do in life.”


Leylah concluded: “I feel like the best thing about the job so far is being in front of the camera and looking glamorous 24/7. I love being the centre of attention and at Babestation that’s what I get.


“I was born to be a star and this is just a step closer to where I want to be. My name will be everywhere and 2024 is going to be a big year.” This article was originally written by the Daily Star.

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